About Us

Home Care Alliance of Virginia

HCAV began operations on September 1, 1996 and we now have a proven track record of exemplary service. We are a network of independent, community-based home medical equipment providers dedicated to providing quality, outcome-based solutions to the home health care needs of patients throughout the Mid-Atlantic.

HCAV recognizes that home care is being increasingly recognized as a vital part of the continuum of care and as an efficient way to reduce inpatient hospital expenditures. With more intense management of the health care delivery system, the utilization of home care services should increase as more patients are treated in the lower cost setting.

HCAV recognizes the importance of home care in the delivery of cost-effective health care in the future. HCAV provides the managed care organizations the best of both worlds. HCAV has the infrastructure and organizational strengths of the larger providers/networks while still providing the quality, consistency, and service, which is the hallmark of the independent, community-based providers.

Partnering with HCAV will result in reduced operational costs, improved home care outcomes, and result in higher satisfaction and retention rates. One phone call to HCAV can solve all your referral needs for home care. HCAV offers centralized intake, billing, and data collection.

HCAV is made up of equity partners and a panel of approved affiliates and associates. Since services are provided through credentialed and accredited members, associates, and affiliates, there are no subcontractors. This arrangement creates stability and allows HCAV to assure quality, utilization, documentation, and performance standards. These attributes establish HCAV as a premier network with the ability to deliver quality care and service over a wide geographic area. Managed care organizations and other entities served by HCAV can expect high quality care for its subscribers throughout the state while using locally operated companies with employees and management committed to, and involved in, the communities they serve.

HCAV serves as one of the national contract providers for the United Mine Workers of America Health and Retirement Funds (UMWA).  We serve UMWA beneficiaries throughout much of the United States through its member providers.